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First Lutheran Church is a 115-year-old congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, situated in the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod

We Believe that . . . 

  • Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the divine Logos, the organizing, structural principle of the Cosmos.

  • Jesus is God’s Word made flesh for us and for our salvation. Jesus is proof that God loves us, because God became one of us: was born, lived, and died as one of us, and was resurrected, as we trust we will be, on his account.

  • Jesus is the perfect icon of God. If you want to know what God is like, look to Jesus.

  • The Bible is a complicated library, written, edited, and compiled over time, through various human circumstances, put into words by human beings in languages that are difficult to translate into English, but through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, miraculously it still bears witness to God’s work on our behalf through Christ. The Bible is authoritative in the life of a Jesus-follower.

  • Jesus calls people to follow him-to imitate his way of living., as he imitates his Abba. This way of life is called "discipleship."

  • A person is justified (saved), not through merit, but only by God's grace, through faith. 


  • The church is the gathered and scattered assembly of Jesus-followers.

  • There are two sacraments: Baptism, which is a one-time event with ongoing consequences, is the dying of the old, false self and the rising of the new, true self in Christ; and the Eucharist, the giving by Christ of his very self to his friends in recognition that, while they have denied and betrayed him, he forgives them and entrusts them to remember his self-sacrifice on their behalf.

  • Religion and science are not in conflict. Religion talks about the "who," the creator; science talks about the "how." 

We recognize that not all of the people in our community believe all of the above things in exactly the same way all of the time, there is a core group who holds them as central. If you find yourself struggling with one or more of these statements, you’re probably not alone, and you are welcome to the fellowship.


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Cathy Otey
Office Administrator

Bob Moody
Council President

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