Sunday Mornings at First Lutheran

Worship is an important part of our Christian lives and our Lutheran heritage. Though our faith is lived out every day in our work and play, we come together every Sunday morning to share in God’s word and meal, to build one another up, and to prepare our hearts to share the grace of the Gospel in the coming week. But what can you expect on a Sunday morning?

Holy Communion

The breaking of bread and sharing of the cup is an important part of our Lutheran liturgy. The celebration of Communion is a weekly sacrament at First Lutheran (with a few exceptions when Pastor or supply clergy is unavailable). As an ELCA congregation, First Lutheran celebrates an open Communion table, meaning that ALL are invited forward to receive the real presence of Christ in the Sacrament. We receive the bread and wine at the Communion rail and instructions for the process are always clearly laid out in our weekly bulletin. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish to receive communion but would prefer a blessing, you are invited to come forward during Communion and kneel or stand with your arms crossed over your chest.


Music is a vital part of the First Lutheran community! Our Sunday morning worship is accompanied by the organ, played by Kathie Schiermeister, and sometimes piano, played by Joel Erickson. Our choir leads us a mix of hymns and music, both traditional and new. But EVERYONE is invited to sing along! On special Sundays and select occasions our Bell choir may be heard too.


At First Lutheran, we believe that the worship service is for all ages. Even from a young age, children listen and learn and taking part in the worship is key to help them understand that this service is for them too! Children are always welcome in worship! Young voices raised in question, joy, and even fussiness will not offend our congregation. If you would prefer, our nursery is available on Level 1, Room 118. Our nursery attendant, Debra Silkman, is available beginning at 9:15 am.

Sunday School Classes

First Lutheran believes that continuing religious education is an important part of everyone’s faith life and we strive to provide Sunday School classes for all ages. Our adult Sunday School class meets after our 9:30 am service in the Library. Please contact the Church office for more information on which classes are available.


What should I wear? There’s no dress code at First Lutheran. We come to worship and we hope you’ll come as you are.
Will I be able to follow along? Absolutely! Our printed Sunday bulletins are available as you enter the Sanctuary and will guide you through the liturgy so that you may participate in worship. We ask that at the end of the service, you leave the bulletin on the table so that it may be recycled.
Should I give at the offering? The offering is a time for the congregation to give back to God and to be stewards of our world, our community, and our church. If you feel moved to give at the offering, feel free, but there are no expectations. We do ask that if you are visiting First, that you fill out one of our attendance sheets, so that we will know you worshiped with us.

I would like to know more about what’s going on at First Lutheran. Check out our weekly newsletter (see the link in the sidebar) or review past newsletters in the ARCHIVES.